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This is a small guide to XPN.

::First Steps::

First Time you launch xpn.py appears a Dialogs that remembers you that it is necessary to proceed to the configurations (you can also do it later). Fill the informations (at least XPN needs NTTP server address and your nickname and email address).

If you chose to use the random taglines remember that they are picked from the tags.txt file. You can edit it directly, adding a tag on each row, however it's better to use the add tagline button in the Configuration Window.

::Newsgroups list::

Now you can download the list of the newsgroups available on the server, and then you can subscribe groups pressing the -> button. XPN will download the headers for the subscribed the, you can set the number of headers to dowload setting the Articles Number value.

::Moving inside the groups::

In main window now you can read the articles. Just click on a subscribed group and XPN will build the threads, clicking on an article you can read it.

You can go in the next group pressing g, while n let's you move to the next unread article. With Space Bar you can scroll the article, when you reach the bottom XPN will show the next unread article.


Press p in order to create a new article, f to do a Follow-up to group and CTRL+M to reply by mail.