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XPN (X Python Newsreader) is a graphical newsreader written in Python with the GTK+ toolkit.

XPN is distributed with the GPL licence, you will find a copy of the licence inside the XPN archive.

An interesting characteristic of XPN is the complete portability. I use it a lot on Linux and Windows, however XPN should work wherever Python and GTK+2 work.

On this page you'll find information about the old GTK+1.2 version.

The project is also hosted on Sourceforge.


With XPN you can read/write articles on the Usenet with a good MIME support (better than some well known newsreaders).

XPN can operate with all the most diffuse charset starting from US-ASCII to UTF-8. When you edit an article XPN automatically chooses the best charset, however is always possible to override this choice.

There also other useful features like scoring, filtered views, random tag-lines, external editor support, one-key navigation, ROT13, spoiler char ...


Many thanks to Laas for providing me the great new logo, to Guillame Bedot, Patrick Lamaiziere, Rene Fischer and Marek Macioschek for their translations, and to Emmanuele Bassi, Valentino Volonghi, Guillame Bedot and Facundo Batista for some code


If you have tried XPN, or if you enjoyed this website you can send me an email at this address:
nemesis2001@gmx.it mail

Last website update: 01/02/2009

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